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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Injuries During Landing Show Flight Accidents Occur When You Least Expect

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Have you ever considered purchasing flight insurance, but dismissed it because you did not think you would be likely to ever be in a flight accident? Passengers of a recent flight may have never thought they would be in an accident either, but what they now realize is that A. it is more likely to occur than you may think and B. a flight accident does not necessarily have to mean a plane crash. With this in mind, it makes sense to prepare for any flight with flight insurance.

On the flight in question, passengers were injured during a landing. That is right, one of the most basic events that occurs while on an airplane resulted in injuries for passengers. This shows us there are many more types of flight accidents beyond an actual plane crash.

The flight was run by JetBlue, and it experienced a blown tire during landing in Sacramento, CA. Of the 86 passengers being carried, only 4 were injured, however those four did visit the hospital. Without the appropriate medical coverage, such a visit could cost you anywhere from hundreds of dollars to several thousand dollars.

Airline flight insurance will help minimize those costs by absorbing the bulk of them on your behalf. Even in relatively minor events like this one, it pays to have the protection of a reliable insurance policy. Because even though a flight may seem routine, the unexpected can arise at any time.

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