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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Insurance Claws: Plans with Your Pet in Mind

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You’re stuck in your hospital recovering from your serious illness, but aren’t unduly worried—your international travel insurance plan combined with your trip cancellation insurance will take care of the expenses of your delay. Suddenly, you are struck by an image—that of Max, waiting for you at the kennel.

You remember that the kennel is very popular, and that you have to request an extension, or have someone drop him off elsewhere. The costs, you realize, might be huge too. Some insurance plans have a clause that covers exactly this situation.

Plans such as the TravelRite Annual Insurance plan offer a “pet care home alone” clause that pays the plan holder up to $25 per day for each delayed day after 24 hours. The charges, however, must be substantiated as arising from extra pet boarding charges due to a hospitalization-related delay in return home. The boarding kennel or cattery must be a recognized one.

The maximum payable amount under this clause is $200, which totals to a delay of nine days (excluding the first 24 hours, which you are not reimbursed for). The plan offers this benefit in addition to regular trip-related and medical benefits. Now you can rest, knowing that Max and your extra stay will be well taken care of indeed.

Travel tip: When leaving your pet in the kennel, bring some of his regular food with you. A sudden change in eating habits might cause an adverse reaction in your pet.

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