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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Insured? Not Insured? No Worries with Travel Insurance

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The recession is over. The economy has started showing signs of improvement, and with it, business opportunities abroad have picked up considerably. Remember that if you’re planning several overseas trips in the near future, your best bet is an annual travel insurance plan.

Annual long term travel insurance plans typically come with basic annual coverage along with coverage for trip cancellation, travel disruptions and delays, emergency medical expenses, credit card disasters and many more.

Accidents come unannounced. This makes it necessary to remain protected, especially when travelling abroad. Annual travel insurance plans also provide collision damage protection on your rental cars, to ensure that your business trip is smooth and enjoyable. Another mishap that can turn a trip into a bad dream is lost or damaged luggage. Baggage and personal effects coverage provided by an annual insurance plan can help cover the costs of replacement, so you can get on with your trip uninterrupted.

Most annual travel plans are suited for business executives who travel abroad a lot. These plans help the business traveler stay peaceful in the knowledge that all his/her trips are insured automatically. Annual plans are valid for one year irrespective of the number of trips undertaken.

Travel tip: Use the safe deposit locker provided in your hotel room to keep all your important office documents.

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