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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • International travel health insurance

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You may have already bought a suitable medical insurance plan to protect you in your home country. But if you are travelling abroad, recheck your health insurance plan and find out whether it provides international coverage in all the countries worldwide. Otherwise, you may have to purchase an international visitor medical insurance policy to cover you for any emergencies that may arise during your stay abroad!

Domestic health insurance benefits may not provide adequate coverage benefits outside your homeland and it comes with a lot of restrictions. Hence, you may end up paying most of the expenses right from your pockets!

Ensure that your international travel health insurance policy covers you for any surgeries, doctor consultation, prescription drugs, screening tests for diagnosis, hospitalization or in-patient as well as out-patient admissions. Many insurance policies cover for arranging ambulance or a suitable local transport to the nearest medical set-up for seeking any emergency assistance.

This would ensure that when you are visiting a foreign land, you would have somebody to fall back on during any exigencies especially if you do not know the local language and the topography of the area. Ensure that you research well before finalizing on a suitable international visitor medical insurance plan which would provide assistance round-the-clock throughout the year!

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