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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • International travel health insurance

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While planning on your travel abroad, your domestic health insurance coverage may not be very useful to protect you during medical emergencies. Hence you would have to opt for international travel health insurance coverage after evaluating your needs.

You can also opt for group insurance and family health insurance plans with worldwide coverage to avail substantial discounts. It is important to declare the pre-existing medical conditions of each of the members insured under the plan.

Read the terms and conditions and exclusions section before finalizing the plan. You should also consider whether the maximum coverage limit would be beneficial to you. In certain cases, opting for higher deductible health insurance plans can save a lot of premium.

Ensure that you avail comprehensive coverage during your stay abroad so that highly expensive assistance like medical evacuation or repatriation are taken care of by the insurance provider. Though the possibility of this requirement seems bleak, you cannot take the risk of incurring huge financial expenses in case such emergency help is required.

Make sure that the insurance provider offers direct claims settlement facility in case any medical assistance is availed under the plan.

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