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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • International travel insurance and Domestic insurance coverage

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Health insurance plans which offer coverage only inside the home country may not be highly beneficial if you are planning to go on an international travel. This is because domestic coverage plans come with a lot of restrictions when it comes to reimbursing any claims due to international travel. Many a times, there are chances that you claim is completely rejected or you get negligible amount in return for your claims.

Medicaid and Medicare insurance policy holders should note that these insurance plans offer coverage only for the medical expenses within the US. Hence, if you are injured during an overseas travel, you have to bear expenses from your own pocket for any emergency evacuation, hospitalization, surgeries, drugs, screening tests or doctor consultation. Hence, it is absolutely mandatory to buy an international travel insurance policy.

HMO policy holders should also gather information about emergency medical coverage outside the service area. If the coverage is limited during your travel abroad or when you travel out-of-region, it is a good idea to protect yourself through an international visitor medical insurance plan.

In addition, depending on the activities that you plan during your vacation like a cruise travel or adventure sports you can purchase optional coverage benefits or rider policies to ensure safe travel.

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