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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • International travel insurance - Cancellation Tips

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Individuals who want to cancel an international travel insurance policy which they have already bought are generally entitled to full reimbursement if they cancel within 14 days from the effective start date of the plan.

Consult the insurance policy document to get further details about the cancellation procedure. Note that some of the international travel insurance plan may not reimburse you any amount after the effective start date of the plan!

The best option to cancel the international travel insurance plan is to submit a written request signed by the primary policy holder. The letter should also be addressed from the policyholder to the insurance provider. For instance, assume that you and your spouse have bought a family insurance plan and you want to cancel it. If the policy is bought in your name, the cancellation request should be addressed in your name and signed by you.

If cancellation is done over email, insist on a written confirmation from the insurance provider for your records. A nominal cancellation processing fee is charged by the insurance provider and this amount is deducted during reimbursement.

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