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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • International travel insurance - common pitfalls

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While trying to buy ‘cheap’ insurance plans, many travellers fall into certain loop holes of international travel insurance coverage.

Firstly, such insurance plans tend to charge very high deductibles (the amount the insured needs to bear before getting reimbursed for expenses). Another trap could be multiple excesses. For example, if you lose a purse containing a mobile, it is considered as 2 excesses though the loss is single.

Ensure that you go through the exclusion section very carefully as it may come up with additional restrictions on what it would not cover! In addition, the reimbursement limits of the benefits may be very minimal. For example, if the baggage cover limit is $250 and your average worth of your belongings is more than $1000, this coverage limit may not be really sufficient.

If you are buying a trip cancellation insurance, be very careful about understanding what the insurance means by “unforeseen” circumstances. Sometimes, you may have to buy cheap trip cancellation insurance plans a few days after purchasing the tickets in order to eligible for full reimbursement.

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