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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • International travel insurance coverage for flight carrier bankruptcy

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During the challenging financial situations, the possibilities of cancelled flights and trip interruptions due to bankruptcy of certain airlines are not uncommon. In these cases, international travel insurance proves to be a huge blessing for the insecure travellers.

In order to be protected for airline bankruptcy, you need to choose a travel insurance plan that covers for the financial default of the travel agent or provider. This includes tour operators, cruise package dealers and airlines who are involved in organizing your vacations. If the travel supplier is declared bankrupt, the insurance provider would reimburse you the advance expenses incurred for the cancelled travel.

Note that this is not a standard benefit covered by every international travel insurance policy. While some offer coverage under certain strict terms and conditions, others totally exclude covering this possible exigency.

You can consult your policy document or the actual policy certificate to see whether this benefit is mentioned. Ensure that you note the conditions under which you are covered. You may gather more information by calling up your insurance provider if you have certain clarifications.

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