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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • International Travel insurance – Estimating the cost

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The cost of buying an international travel insurance plan depends on a variety of factors. It depends on the type of plan you choose – individual, family or group travel insurance plans, single-trip and multi-trip policies and so on.

In addition, the premium amount varies based on the age of the primary insured member, pre-existing medical conditions, services or coverage benefits that you opt for, period of enrolment under a single plan, deductibles and waiting period of that plan and a lot of other criteria that determines the premium rates.

The international travel insurance plan premiums also vary between different insurance providers and hence, you can browse the internet and get the different policies and the quotes by filling in your details in a policy comparison search engine.

Typically, you can estimate the cost of the international travel insurance plan to fall into 5 – 7 % bracket of the cost of the total trip. For instance, if you plan an abroad trip for about $5000, assuming you purchase trip cancellation benefit, you may incur an insurance premium expense of $250 to $350. You can save on the the premium amount by buying high deductibles plans.

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