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  • Monday, August 21, 2017

  • International travel insurance for pregnant women

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Women who travel during pregnancy are prone to certain travel risks which requires careful consideration. If medical complications arise during their travel, urgent medical attention is a must. This would ensure that both the mother and the baby are protected from unwanted health risks.

In order to be prepared for such exigencies, expectant mothers should purchase an international travel insurance plan that offers coverage benefits for any pregnancy complications or risks that may arise during the travel abroad.

Note that many travel insurance plans exclude coverage for pregnancy and child birth. This is generally mentioned in the exclusions section of the international travel insurance policy document.

It is also advisable that pregnant women choose a travel insurance policy which covers for medical evacuation so that you would be transported to the nearest medical set up which offers treatments of a certain standard in case you require emergency assistance. This is extremely important because not every medical facility takes care of hygiene and mandatory precautions like not reusing needles, sterilizing the wards, etc… Lastly, it is better to avoid travel during the later stages of pregnancy unless required.

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