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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • International travel insurance for senior citizens – Difficulties

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People who have crossed the age of 65 years find it really difficult to get an insurance provider who offers an affordable international travel insurance plan with comprehensive benefits. This is because the chances of older people encountering medical exigencies and filing claims are statistically and understandably too high, especially due to the age factor.

In addition, the senior citizens have greater chances of getting into serious medical complications as compared to young adults and hence the amount filed for claims is way too high as compared to the younger policyholders.

Hence, even if the senior citizens happen to be eligible for certain beneficial travel insurance policies, the premiums that they are required to pay are at skyrocketing levels and many of them find it very difficult to afford such high prices during their old age. In fact, some insurance providers charge the senior citizens twice or thrice higher than what they charge people who are under 65!

Many insurance providers refuse to cover an individual above 70 years and if people want travel insurance coverage when they are over 80 yeas, the choices are too limited to very few specialist insurance providers.

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