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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • International travel insurance – problematic claims

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When you purchase a travel insurance policy, it is necessary to read the small print in order to ensure that your claims would be reimbursed in case something goes undesirable.

  • Stolen personal belongings – though you might have ensured for the personal belongings, if you have lost it due to sheer carelessness, you would not be reimbursed

  • Expensive items – even if you insure for the valuables that you are carrying, insurance companies, set a maximum limit for reimbursement

  • Multiple excesses – This can apply if you are travelling in a group. Otherwise, multiple excesses may be charged in the case of a single event for which you file your claim

  • Claims for injuries or accidents – This does not hold good in case you meet with an accident due to alcohol addiction, substance abuse or if you have self-inflicted injuries

  • Adventure sports – Most of the policies have this as an optional coverage. However, reimbursement is not provided if injuries are caused due to unsafe activities without adequate precautionary measures

  • Terrorism coverage – If you travel to a country which is not recommended and you meet with any emergencies, the insurance company would deny covering your expenses for such claims

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