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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Jane’s Adventures with Travel Insurance-II: Hotel-Like Hospitals

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Jane Wanderlust, our intrepid traveler, loves telling people that she has had two types of experiences: staying in hotels that were like hospitals, and hospitals that were like hotels! The first was because of an unfortunate incident which, thankfully, her international travel insurance covered.

When Jane was traveling in Cambodia, she suddenly felt ill. She, as was her practice, had an international travel health insurance plan with Liaison Majestic. The problem was that when she felt ill, there was an outbreak of the flu going on where she was traveling. So, although she needed hospitalization, there just weren’t enough beds to accommodate her. The doctor whom she consulted as an outpatient said that he was willing to take care of her where she was staying.

Jane somehow managed to get a hotel room very close to the doctor’s clinic. The hotel room literally served as her hospital bed. So did she have to pay for this hotel room out of her pocket? Fortunately, no. Under the Liaison Majestic plan, the hotel room charge when no hospital room is available, is covered. So Jane was able to get reimbursed for the accommodation on producing a certificate from the doctor and the hospital.

Travel tip: In such cases, the hotel room is considered hospitalization, and you must inform the insurance company either before check-in (if not an emergency) or as soon as possible after check-in (if an emergency).

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