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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Jane’s Adventures with Travel Insurance-IV: Protection for Two!

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Jane Wanderlust’s next travel is only going to involve her lazing around; yet, she wants to purchase adequate travel medical insurance for herself. Why isn’t she off skiing or bungee jumping? The reason is that she’s pregnant—and will be nearly 20 weeks along when she travels.

Many international travel health insurance plans exclude complications arising out of pregnancy from travel medical coverage. In fact, even some airplanes do not allow passengers who are close to their due date to travel on their aircraft.

However, Jane’s travel insurance plan from the Atlas Travel Series offers coverage for complications arising due to pregnancy within the first 26 weeks of gestation. That means that if Jane, when traveling, suddenly suffers a complication in her pregnancy, she will be covered for treatment related to the pregnancy.

The coverage ends after the 26th week of gestation. Many medical experts are of the opinion that a baby born before the 26th week has little to no chances of survival outside the mother’s womb. With her Atlas Travel insurance plan, Jane and her baby are both covered!

Always, always check with your healthcare provider about whether you can travel internationally before planning a trip when pregnant.

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