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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Kids Get a Free Ride with Travel Plus Insurance

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You want to extend any benefit that you get in life to your children, and a travel insurance plan during a trip is no exception. With many plans such as the Travel Plus cover from Travelex, when you purchase a travel insurance plan for an adult, one child under 16 years is automatically covered, at no additional cost.

When Mary went to South Africa on a business trip in January, she was joined by her husband and their two children after her work, making it a brief family holiday. The best part was that the children had free travel health insurance, since she had cover from the Travel Plus plan. The children were thrilled with the warm weather and had a great time at the safari and camping trips, which were all crammed into one week.

Unfortunately, the change in the weather and the stress of doing everything within a week took its toll and all the children had to be hospitalized for a day for illnesses ranging from dehydration to sun burn.

The trip was also extended due to this and Mary had to cancel the flight back and book another a few days later. The Travel Plus insurance plan that she had taken to cover her and her husband, covered all these expenses and she did not have to compromise at all in the budget for the holiday.

Travel tip: Remember to check coverage for children no matter what plan you end up buying. Also check that children receive the same coverage as the adults on the plan.

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