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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Lost Wallet Abroad: What Do You Do?

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Losing your wallet when you’re abroad on vacation or business is really annoying. Losing your wallet at home is stressful, but overseas it’s ten times more work to sort it all out. Read the following checklist of what to do if your wallet is lost or stolen. When you have travel insurance you can claim for any money lost, and also use your travel insurance to cover you for the cost of replacing anything else you lose.

Firstly, cancel your credit and debit cards. Do this immediately. The issuer will check that the last transactions were yours, and you can discuss with them how to get a new card sent out to you.

Next, contact the police. There is nothing really that the police can do to track down a single wallet, but you will have the police report for the insurance claim and also back-up if someone tries to steal your identity.

If you lose your drivers license, notify the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask what you need to do on your return to get your new ID. If you had a lot of other cards in your wallet, make a list and call to cancel them. Even better – when you travel, leave those inessential cards at home.

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