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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Motorcycle Diaries and Travel Insurance

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Visiting South America can be an experience of a lifetime, further enhanced if you’re looking for a Guevera-style motorcycle trip! Needless to say, you’ll need adequate international travel insurance to ensure that you will enjoy completely the excitement that the travel itself will bring.

International travel insurance can protect you against the financial shocks of falling seriously ill. The travel insurance is not meant for the minor ailments—a cold can easily be treated regardless of where you are, at minimal cost. International travel insurance is mainly intended for those ailments which require more involved treatment.

Traveling by motorcycle does give the international traveler unmatched freedom and a unique experience. However, traveling great distances on the road increases vulnerability to illnesses and infections. While making sure that you take adequate basic health precautions (washing your hands with soap, and drinking only boiled/bottled water), it is also necessary to be secure with a reliable insurance plan.

Also remember that travels by motorcycle can mean that a sudden accident or illness might require emergency evacuation to the nearest hospital by air, and that your travel insurance plan covers the evacuation completely.

Tarvel tip: When you take a rental motorcycle, ensure that all the papers are in order. Also check local traffic rules before starting on the trip.

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