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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Multi-trip Travel Insurance for Business Travelers

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If you work for a company and need to travel frequently – for client visits, meetings, trade fairs and networking – you should consider multi-trip travel insurance. If you make multiple trips abroad each year, then multi-trip travel insurance is the most economical and convenient way to purchase insurance coverage.

Multi-trip travel insurance provides affordable coverage. But more importantly, this kind of insurance is hassle-free and makes it easier to travel abroad.

If you are buying travel insurance each time you travel, cut the time you spend on the phone by purchasing all the insurance you need at the start of the year. Multi-trip travel insurance is valid for any number of trips in a year, up to a certain length of trip and in the countries you specify.

And if you tend to forget about travel insurance because you’re busy sorting out the business details of your trip, multi-trip insurance ensures you aren’t putting yourself at risk through lack of time. Multi-trip travel insurance helps cross one more thing off your schedule.

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