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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Must-Visit Destinations and Travel Insurance

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You’ve doubtless seen lists of favorite destinations published by various magazines, and whether you check each country on the list with a smile or a frown could well depend on whether you had adequate international travel insurance.

Every year, Conde Nast, the travel magazine, publishes lists of most preferred tourist destinations, and this year, Italy topped the charts for the title of favorite country for travel, followed by New Zealand, Turkey, and Australia. If you want their opinion about the best value for money, it’s Kenya and Mexico, and Brazil has the distinction for giving you the warmest welcome.

Your initial instinct may be to look at the list and mentally make a note of countries that one might need travel insurance to visit (most people probably think that Turkey, Kenya, Mexico, and Brazil will require it). However, remember that travel to any country outside of your own requires insurance.

Some countries will have it built into their visa regulations, while others merely rely on the traveler’s common sense. Also remember that while Western countries may in general be less prone to infection, accidents are very common, and your travel insurance covers accidents too.

Travel tip: The mere mention of a destination in a list such as Conde Nast’s increases its visibility and therefore, costs and crowds associated with it. Try working with lists a couple of years old.

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