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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Near-Miss for Cruise Ship Shows the Importance of Cruise Insurance

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Travelers on a cruise line recently found themselves narrowly escaping what could have been a tragic situation. While cruises offer an economical and convenient way to visit popular vacation destinations, there is always danger anytime you head to sea. You'll want to be sure that when you take a cruise, you are protecting yourself from that danger by purchasing cruise insurance.

In the event in question, a cruise ship that had begun its voyage in Europe narrowly squeezed under a bridge in Denmark on its eventual path to Florida. Thanks to some clever maneuvering by the ship's captain, what could have been a terrible accident was avoided. But what if it had not? And what if you were aboard that boat?

The insurance policy you carry in your native country may not cover incidents occurring at sea. You can always check with your insurance provider to clarify, but quite often policies only cover incidents which occur in the country they were issued in. Cruise insurance offers an affordable alternative to this problem.

This type of insurance is designed specifically for cruise-goers, so that protection is available anywhere your vacation travels may take you. Without it, the costs of medical care in another country could be quite extreme. But with it, you will have peace of mind and financial protection.

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