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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Overseas business travel inevitable

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Businesses cannot skip sending their employees overseas as it is vital for attracting potential clients, marketing their products and services efficiently and also establish long-term customer relationship.

With the financial crisis on the horizon, the number of business travel bookings has come down and also people opt for economy class travelling as opposed to business classes which brings a significant drop for the airline profits. Travel companies are confident that the situation would revive over time as business travel is highly inevitable. Hence, lot of beneficial packages and products have been introduced.

The trend is expected to change especially for long flight journeys where companies would still send their employees in business class and probably cut the accommodation expenses during the overseas stay.Insurance companies are no-less in their creativity as they have introduced a lot of tourist insurance plans by which the companies can cut down expenses by purchasing group health insurance.

For travellers taking their family abroad if the duration of stay is longer, family health insurance is extremely important.Many people prefer annual health insurance policy as it is highly suitable for frequent travel either for business purposes or for leisure. The comprehensive coverage benefits offered by these visitor insurance plans are attractive and save on purchasing new travel insurance policies frequently.

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