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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Pack Rats and Travel Insurance: A Match Made in Reimbursement Heaven!

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Are you among those travelers who save everything from a trip, including movie ticket stubs and subway ticket passes? While you may need to tone down saving every single thing, you might be well-placed when it comes to filing an international travel insurance claim!

The travel industry estimates that for every successful claim, there are at least three claims that are not made in total, because the relevant receipts were not sent to the company. So remember to save the important receipts—they will come in useful if you need to file a claim.

So what do you need to save? Save the stubs and receipts of all travel that you make, as well as accommodation reservations. Keep a copy back home, if possible. Save all medical bills and receipts as well, no matter how small the amount. Insurance companies often look for the “whole picture” when deciding the genuineness of a claim made.

If you’ve had any change in schedule or plan, ensure that you save some kind of documentation that proves the change or alteration. If the weather has caused airports to shut down operations, news articles supporting your claim (from reputed news agencies and newspapers) will go a long way in legitimizing your claim.

Travel tip: Avoid the temptation to save every little receipt, including the gum that you bought at the nearby convenience store. Just save the pertinent stuff, but if you can’t remember what’s important, it’s better to save everything!

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