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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Passport Card or Passport?

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US citizens traveling abroad sometimes don’t need a passport to travel. Instead, you can use a passport card. Are you aware of the difference? Read on to find out when you can use a passport card to travel. Make sure you are protected with international travel insurance wherever you are traveling to – international travel insurance and a valid passport or card are essentials for travel.

Until 2007 US citizens could come into the US from Mexico, the Caribbean, Canada and Bermuda with a valid driver’s license. Now, citizens need a valid passport card if they are only traveling between US and these countries.

The passport card allows people to enter the US by land or sea only, from the specified countries. There are some restrictions, however.

The passport card may not be accepted by the country you are visiting, so you should check with your travel company to make sure. You cannot travel extensively overseas with a passport card. For international travel beyond the Caribbean and Mexico, you need a passport.

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