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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Pre-existing medical conditions - an overview

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Pre-existing medical conditions refer to those illness, injuries or medical disorders that exist at the time of applying for an international insurance policy. Interestingly, if you witness some symptoms of a health disorder even before the travel insurance policy comes into effect, even these symptoms fall into the pre-existing medical conditions.

It is vital to be open about the current health condition of the individual while applying for the international travel insurance as the insurance providers have the right to deny the claim at a later date if they find that the insured has hidden the fact.

The insurance providers generally insist that the individuals should get a certificate from the doctor about the fitness to travel while applying for international travel insurance with pre-existing medical conditions.

Many of the insurers exclude offering coverage benefits for such pre-existing conditions to discourage individuals to apply for insurance only when there is a medical emergency. Some of them offer coverage after a waiting period if the condition of the insured remains stable. However, the premiums charged are higher.

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