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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Pre-Wedding Partygoers Face Risks Overseas

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According to a survey by British insurance company Direct Line Travel Insurance, stag and hen parties (or bachelor and bachelorette parties as they are called in the US) held overseas can result in more serious consequences that just hangovers and embarrassment. The research highlights the need for all partygoers to be covered by international travel insurance, and even better by insurance with a trip cancellation benefit.

Partygoers are likely to be victims of theft, or risk losing their possessions abroad. Of the people surveyed, 10 percent had lost money, cameras and other electronic equipment, while six percent were victims of theft.

Injuries sustained under the influence of drink were also common. Many people enjoying bachelor or bachelorette parties abroad can get too relaxed in their surroundings, and take risks in traffic or in water that they wouldn’t do at home.

Around 12 percent of people surveyed had got lost in a foreign city. Out of these, two percent had missed their flights home.

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