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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Precautions for a safe travel

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Overseas travelers need to take certain precautions during their trip abroad to ensure that they can stay healthy and have a safe journey.

  • Visit your physician and take the necessary vaccines that you may require in order to protect yourself from various diseases

  • Be informed about any health risks, epidemics or weather conditions in the destination country

  • Check up with your embassy and get the list of recommended medicines to carry

  • Buy a suitable international travel medical insurance plan to protect you in case of any exigencies during your overseas trip

  • Make sure your international travel insurance policy covers all the specific needs of your trip (like trip cancellation, adventure sports, emergency evacuation, loss of personal belongings)

  • Carry a travel medical kit for your first-aid needs along with the prescription medications

  • Do not forget to carry the insurance ID card, emergency helpline number as well as a copy of your travel insurance policy documents

  • Avoid consuming uncooked foods during travel and be careful of what you eat and drink

  • Keep your body hydrated, catch up on your exercise routine whenever possible and ensure that you take adequate rest so that you are not too exhausted.

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