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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Previously Existing Conditions? Get Them Covered Too!

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One of the most often-quoted complaints against the travel health insurance industry is its apparent reluctance to deal with and offer coverage for previously existing conditions. Several travelers have reported paying exorbitant premiums, or resorting to hiding the condition on their application forms for fear of discrimination.

One such person was unable to get coverage for cancer from her insurer, in spite being in remission for six years, far more than the look-back period specified by most insurance companies. Now, here are some tips to enjoy that holiday and coverage too.

First off, withholding information is a complete no-no. Not only can you lose coverage, but if you’re on a group plan, your entire group stands to lose coverage if you are not completely honest in your application, and it is discovered.

Second, if you had a condition that is difficult to get insurance for, start looking for insurance early. You might have some searching to do. Also, when you compare rates and plans, ensure that you check and double check that you will be covered for your condition before paying the premium. There are dependable plans out there—just ensure that you find them!

Travel trip: Some plans may offer coverage, but chicken out when you file a claim. Check the insurance company’s health by referring to its A.M. Best ratings.

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