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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Protect Yourself Against Terrorism When Traveling: Part Two

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While you are very unlikely to be a victim of terrorism when travelling, it does pay to keep in mind a few safety tips to lower your risk when you can. Always remember to travel with international travel insurance – if things go wrong, you’ll be covered. And make sure your policy includes trip cancellation coverage. This way, if terrorism affects your planned destination you can claim money for pre-paid deposits and bookings.

When staying in a city, think about possible safe havens such as police stations and hospitals that you can head to if an incident happens. Make sure your family know where to meet if something happens, you can’t get back to your hotel and cell phones are cut off.

Never look after packages or luggage for anyone you don’t know. And don’t accept unknown packages that may be delivered to your hotel room.

Check your car for suspicious activity before you get in. If you see any loose or trailing wires, call for help. Keep your windows closed when driving in crowded streets. And never pick up strangers asking for a ride.

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