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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Protect Yourself and Your Baggage with Trip Insurance

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Baggage has a mysterious way of getting lost in travel, however careful you are. And then you start feeling that everything that was in it was absolutely essential and more precious than it really was. A travel insurance plan lessens the impact and the feeling of loss to some extent.

The loss of baggage during a trip is covered under most travel insurance plans, provided you took all reasonable measures to protect and recover your luggage at all times. The coverage is for baggage that is lost or stolen as long as you had the baggage with you while you were travelling.

The maximum amount shown on the Confirmation of Coverage will be returned to you once you put in your claims. This coverage is in secondary to the coverage provided by the Common Carrier and will come into effect after such other benefits are exhausted.

Suppose your baggage is misplaced during the trip, something that happens with alarming regularity, then you will get reimbursement for expenses of personal effects, including clothes and hygiene products. This is applicable if your luggage is misplaced when you reach your destination, and not if you are returning home.

Travel tip: Make a list of all your personal items in your baggage, and keep the list with you during travel. It will serve as a handy reference if you need to file a claim.

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