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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Safeguard Your Cruise Investment with Insurance

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When going on a cruise, it is best to purchase the cruise insurance that is necessary, not just one that is offered. While many cruise companies offer insurance even during the booking of the cruise, the coverage may not be sufficient.

AIG’s Travel Guard’s Cruise, Tour and Travel Platinum plan provides insurance that is valid for all travel, including cruises. The plan offers a $50,000 medical benefit, and also includes emergency medical evacuation to the home country, where required.

One of the major reasons for purchasing cruise insurance is the plan’s trip cancellation benefit. However, the reasons for cancellation are sometimes restrictive, and in today’s scenario, cancellations because of work or other reasons that may not be covered are very common.

The AIG Travel Guard plan offers two extra options for trip cancellation: Cancel for Any Reason, which reimburses 75% of nonrefundable expenses of your trip; and Cancel for Work Reasons, which covers business-related reasons for cancellation. The Cancel for Work Reasons costs $24 per adult, and the Cancel for Any Reason is included on payment of half the base price extra.

Travel tip: Decide whether you need cruise insurance before you make the payment on your cruise, and buy insurance as soon as you make the initial payment.

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