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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Sam’s Insurance Escapades-I: Air Ambulance Transportation

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Sam Traveler (say) is our ideal international traveler, and tells the story of how his international travel health insurance helped save his life when he was in Burundi. Sam had purchased the Liaison Majestic travel insurance plan. Traveler was out to discover the countryside, and with the help of a local guide, went on a tour around the country.

Unfortunately, halfway along the trip, during a hike, Sam fell ill. His condition was unknown, and so, his travel insurance plan would not pay for emergency medical evacuation. Yet, they were miles away from a hospital that could evaluate his condition.

Typically, international travel insurance plans only include coverage for ground ambulance transportation, and there was no way that Sam could be reached by an ambulance by road. Thankfully, the Liaison Majestic plan provides reimbursement for the costs of air ambulance for those areas that are not reachable by road.

Sam and his guide heaved a sigh of relief, as he was transported to the nearest hospital by air ambulance, where his problem was diagnosed as a mild infection. Calling the local insurance agent, or having someone do that for you can save precious dollars, not to mention your life as well!

Travel tip: Always carry the phone number of the customer service number of the insurance company when traveling.

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