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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Small print of the international travel insurance policy

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Though many of the international travel insurance policies have standardized benefits, it is very important to note that the coverage benefits, amounts and the region of coverage can vary greatly.
In order to ensure that you do not get shocking surprises ultimately, here are a few questions to look out for when you read the small print

  • Multiple Excesses: This is a tricky factor of any insurance policy. You need to check the amount you have to bear per claim. For example, if you lose a purse containing a camera, it is considered as losing two items and not one!

  • Medical coverage: Some insurance policies offer emergency medical assistance only in certain countries. For example, coverage may be available only outside a certain country or it may come with a lot of restrictions if you are in your home country. Check for this condition in the small print

  • Baggage cover: Check whether stolen belongings or theft of your personal belongings would be reimbursed in case you are looking for a baggage cover and also the maximum amount you would be reimbursed

  • Emergency Assistance: Check whether emergency assistance is available as a part of the policy or is an optional benefit

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