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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Special Coverage for a Special Purpose

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Important work overseas requires the best protection you can find. Missionary travel insurance helps you when you are busy helping others. Miss it off your list and you could find yourself in serious trouble.

When traveling and working overseas, a medical emergency could jeopardize your mission and your life. Help from a reputable travel insurance policy could be the difference between being able to continue your work and having to return home – less well off in terms of both money and well-being.

Medicare and Medicaid won’t help you on an overseas trip but missionary insurance covers you wherever your ministry or church takes you. If you’re traveling for between five days and 24 months, consider short term insurance. You are covered for drugs, doctor visits and hospital stays relating to new injuries or illnesses and you don’t need to provide medical history.

Alternatively, take out long term insurance if you will be working outside your home country for one year or more. You’ll also be covered for maternity services. For both types of missionary insurance, enroll online and get a quote in order to compare your options. Keep covered to be able to carry out your important work overseas.

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