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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Staying Safe in International Hotels

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Most hotels you will visit on your travels will be very safe and you won’t have a problem with security, especially if you visit the chain hotels and larger properties. However, occasionally you may encounter problems. Keep in mind that you need to take out international travel insurance to cover any potential issues. Be prepared with travel insurance and the following tips.

When you enter your room, look out for the closest emergency exit outside your room. you should also memorize how many doors there are between the exit and your room, and how many steps you need to take. This will be useful in case of a fire.

Don’t open the door to strangers and don’t give out your hotel room number. Always use the safety lock on your hotel door and keep the windows closed at night when you are staying on a floor close to the ground.

Keep all of your valuables and cash in the room safe, or the hotel safe. Keep your suitcase locked while you are in the room. When you leave the hotel for the day or night, take the address or a business card with you so you can easily get in touch if you need to.

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