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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Strike Out Worries with Trip Protection Insurance

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The recent 12-day strike announced by British Airways staff will throw the travel plans of a million passengers off track, with the exception of passengers with trip cancellation insurance, who will breathe a bit easy.

A typical issue that arises when airline employees go on strike is: What will happen to my travel plans? Usually, the airline will make alternate travel arrangements. However, if the number of travelers is large, that may not be possible. Moreover, most airlines will not cancel flights until the last minute, and that is when they offer some compensation. Hotel bookings are also not compensated for by the airline.

With a trip cancellation plan such as the Air Ticket Protection plan, your ticket costs are covered 100% for situations such as the insolvency of an airline, and for flight cancellations due to a strike resulting in the complete cessation of flights.

However, in this case, most insurers will not reimburse costs of tickets purchased after the strike was announced. Some will not reimburse tickets purchased after the unions and management met on November 2, to sort out the wage issue. If you have trip cancellation insurance, and are planning travel on a British Airways flight between December 22 and January 2, call your insurer.

Travel tip: If reaching your destination on time is very important (as during Christmas), book a flight to reach the destination a day early. Delays and strikes are less likely to hurt you.

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