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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • The Importance of Travel Vaccinations

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How important is it to find out about vaccinations for travel abroad? Very important! Vaccinations could save your life when you travel. Along with international travel insurance, travel vaccinations are the most essential things to think about pre-trip. Vaccinations and travel insurance are must-have items prior to traveling abroad.

You should make an appointment with your doctor or a specialist travel clinic at least four weeks before you are planning to travel. Some vaccinations need a series of shots in order to be effective, which are spread out over a number of weeks.

Find out which vaccinations are essential and which are recommended for the country you are traveling to.  Some vaccinations are routine, and you should make sure you are up to date with the shots in order to cut the risk of diseases that are common outside of the United States.

Some vaccinations, like yellow fever for certain countries, are essential. Other vaccinations are recommended but not essential, and you should weigh up your risk against your personal situation.

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