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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Tips For Taking Medications Abroad

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Enjoy a safe and healthy vacation without worrying about your medication by following a few simple guidelines. Once you have travel insurance sorted out, put your prescriptions in order before you travel. Both travel medical insurance and your regular medications should protect you when you travel.

Travelers with pre-existing health conditions should take a letter signed by their physician, confirming that the prescription medication is for treating a stated medical condition. You should keep your medication in the original packaging with original labels.

Check, if you are unsure, whether your medication is classed as an illegal drug in the country you are visiting. Pack your medication in your hand luggage and carry a back-up supply if you can.

If you are allergic to medications, or certain foods, or insects, carry a letter or wear an alert bracelet to let people know your condition. If you are traveling to a country without English as the first language, get a translated copy of your physician’s certificate. Make sure you know the names in translation of your medication, as well as any brands that differ from your regular supply.

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