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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Travel Health: Things to Consider

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Traveling overseas can expose you to illness and dangers that you wouldn’t encounter at home. Travel is a wonderful, life-fulfilling experience but you shouldn’t forget that there are challenges and dangers involved. The best thing you can do before you travel is to get prepared, then don’t worry and instead concentrate on the positives of your upcoming trip. What are the key things to consider when you are preparing for good health on vacation or foreign travel? Here’s how to stay healthy and remove worry from your trip preparation.

Remember that diseases which aren’t present in America or the UK still exist, and pose problems, in other parts of the world. These diseases include rabies, malaria, yellow fever and dengue fever. Make sure you are vaccinated against these diseases if you are traveling to a country where they are a problem. Visit your doctor as soon as possible to check which vaccinations and immunizations you need. You can also visit a specialist travel clinic. You may need to take malaria tablets and extra precautions against mosquito bites too.

Take out good quality, comprehensive travel insurance that covers you for the entire duration of your trip. You could end up with a huge medical bill if you fall ill overseas and you are not covered by travel insurance. Check the health situation in the country you are traveling too. Are there particular things you need to watch out for – for example, can you drink the water or brush your teeth in the water? Are there issues with any particular foods?

When you are abroad drink plenty of water to avoid heat stroke and dehydration. Carry any essential medication with you and take a small medical kit in case you can’t reach a pharmacy. Keep safe in the sun by taking a high-factor sun block with you and using it properly. Keep yourself safe by not drinking to excess and practicing safe sex.

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