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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Travel Insurance 101: The Basics

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You’re all set to go on that fabulous overseas trip, but one thing’s nagging you: You’re not quite sure about travel insurance. What kind would you need? What coverage should you look for? How do you choose a company? These are common questions that a person might have, and let us try and answer some of these.

Firstly, you will need travel insurance—there’s no two ways about it. However, some international companies and organizations—the World Bank, for instance—offer certain employees international coverage. Check whether you are one of those. If not, you must start looking for a plan as soon as you purchase your tickets, if you’d want to include trip cancellation benefits.

As for the coverage needed, consider the travellers: Are they young or old? Do they have any pre-existing conditions? Also consider the relative cost of healthcare at the destination—that will help decide whether you want a comprehensive or scheduled benefits plan.

If you are an active group, you must consider adding hazardous sports insurance, even if it is not on your itinerary. Things can get pretty impulsive on a vacation. When purchasing insurance, remember to check the insurance company’s A.M. Best ratings. Choose a company with a rating of at least an A.

Travel tip: All other things equal, buying insurance from a company that has offices at your destination might work well for claims.

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