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  • Wednesday, August 23, 2017

  • Travel Insurance and Safety on Cruise Ships

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Many travelers question whether it is safe to take a cruise vacation. There have been incidences of violence and robbery in the Caribbean, disappearances onboard and health and safety issues. Is cruising safe? No form of travel is guaranteed safe, so you should always go on vacation with travel insurance. If you are taking a cruise, cruise insurance can give you extra protection.

However, cruise travel is statistically the safest form of travel. The actual crime rate onboard cruise ships is very low and health standards are high. Most of the problems happen on shore excursions.

When you are onboard, keep expensive jewelry or possessions in the ship’s safe. Keep an eye on your possession like camera or cell phone at all times. If you are a victim of theft, report it immediately to the crew. Keep in control of your actions by moderating your alcohol consumption and don’t take risks – like visiting strangers’ rooms alone – that you wouldn’t take at home.

Don’t carry large amounts of cash when you are on shore. And make sure you don’t visit the dangerous parts of the city – ask the ship’s crew for advice if you are exploring on your own, or check online for US travel recommendations.

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