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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Travel insurance coverage types

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Travellers can choose from a variety of visitor insurance policies which offer different coverage benefits suitable for various categories of tourists. If individuals plan to travel just once in a year, they can opt for single trip tourist insurance plans. Frequent travellers may be able to save a lot of money with annual multi-trip policies. In addition, people can choose between fixed benefits visitor insurance policies and comprehensive coverage benefits in the tourist insurance plans.

Tourists who are planning to travel to Europe or Canada can specifically opt for European travel insurance and Canadian travel insurance respectively in order to save on the premiums. Otherwise, if the travellers choose to visit multiple countries in the same year, they can choose visitor insurance plans with worldwide coverage.

Travellers going in groups generally find group visitor medical insurance plans very beneficial. Similarly family members including spouse and dependant children can be insured together with a family visitor medical insurance plan.

Coverage limits and benefits depend on the different policies and insurance providers who are offering the same. Trip cancellation benefits, adventure sports coverage, war and terrorism coverage, baggage cover, expatriation and emergency evacuation benefits and various other rider policies are optional coverage that the overseas can opt for to address the different travel risks.

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