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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Travel insurance purchase – Cheapest deals

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Nowadays, international travel insurance policies are so easily accessible. Banks, credit card companies and even local supermarkets offer these policies. However, when you purchase a visitor medical insurance plan, there are certain guidelines of what to avoid and how to get the best deal for your investment

  • Identify the difference between sellers and resellers. Non-insurers are agencies who are not the original sellers of these travel insurance plans but they are called resellers. Hence, they would definitely charge you more to cover their overheads

  • Avoid buying travel insurance from the agents who offer the so-called all-inclusive package deal for a vacation. These agents generally charge you much more than the original price of the tourist insurance plan

  • Beware of insurance policies charging you multiple excesses while filing your claims. You would be surprised that the reimbursement you get is way too less than what you had initially filed

  • Make sure you read the small print of the travel insurance policy document so that you do not miss out those important information hidden in these minutely written text

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