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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Travel insurance – What type?

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Confused about what kind of travel insurance you require? With the rise in travelers purchasing travel insurance due to prevalent non-refundable airline tickets, political unrest and financial trouble of major tour operators, the confusion in deciding which type of insurance to purchase has increased.

There are several different types of travel insurance policies available, ranging from trip cancellation insurance to emergency medical evacuation, all of which vary widely by company in what their coverage includes and how much it costs.

To determine whether you need insurance for an upcoming trip, first check what the existing insurance policies offer you. Some might offer the overseas travel insurance for medical emergencies while others might not.  Statistics shows that since the September 11 attacks travelers are looking for insurance to safeguard their trip against any unforeseen acts of terrorism. Many policies now include policies against “Acts of insurance” that will cover in case of any untoward incidences.

Buying trip cancellation policies is a wise thing to do in case you are booking expensive airline tickets or non refundable cruise tickets.

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