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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Travel Insurers Warn Against Dangerous New Crazes

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The travel insurance company AXA has recently warned its customers and other travelers that international travel insurance claims made due to the consequences of dangerous new crazes are likely to be rejected. The company has seen a huge rise in travel insurance claims from dangerous activities.

The crazes in question are called planking, owling and batting and involve people taking photographs of themselves in strange positions then posting them online. There has been a rise in claims for accidents such as falls from balconies and broken limbs.

Claims that arise from activities where the traveler deliberately puts themselves in danger are very likely to be rejected. When the traveler is also drunk, which is common when taking these kinds of photos, the claim is also likely to be rejected.

The cost of medical care following an accident due to something that could be avoided can run to thousands of dollars. Insurance companies warn travelers not to take unnecessary risks that lead to both financial and health-related problems.

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