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  • Tuesday, September 26, 2017

  • Travel Safety Tips: Keep Your Camera Safe

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We often bring a number of valuable things with us when we go on vacation or take a trip to visit friends. We take a notebook computer to keep up with the internet or to work; we use a cell phone to keep in touch or browse our trusted apps; and we take a camera because we want to record all the great things that we see and experience on our vacation. Cameras are commonly carried by visitors to countries all over the world, which is one reason why they are often stolen. The value of a digital camera and the ease with which it can be resold are other reasons why tourists often lose their prized traveling possession. To avoid losing the money you invest in your camera, always buy travel insurance. Traveling with a camera without international travel insurance is a big risk.

To avoid losing the precious memories you have stored on your camera’s memory card, always back up. Back up your files daily. Keep your images on your laptop, and in another place such as an external hard drive, a CD, or an online image storage site. The online option may be the best because you will always have your images, even if all your technological gadgets go missing.

Take precautions as you travel – keep alert to your surroundings, don’t carry your camera conspicuously and make sure you have a sturdy camera bag to store it in when you’re not taking pictures. Be careful if you’re taking photos at night.

If you have your camera stolen, report the crime. If you don’t it just lets the criminals get away even easier. Know the make and model of your camera and write down the serial number in a safe place. You will need to give these details to the police, and also to document the theft with your insurance company. Sure, you may never get your camera back but you will have highlighted the theft.

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