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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Traveling with Kids with Insurance-III: Stretch that Dollar

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Very often, the one objection people have to traveling abroad, especially with kids, is this: It’s too expensive. Adding up the cost of travel, international travel insurance, accommodation, and all the sightseeing and it might seem like the vacation will wipe out all your savings.

If your reflex is to skimp on travel insurance, remember that in case something does go wrong, you may end up spending way more than you bargained for. That might truly overshoot your budget and put you off international travel forever.

However, very often, the most expensive part of international travel is just getting there. Some of the less-frequented European destinations can offer a great bargain on this too. The key is planning early and keeping an eye out for airfare deals. Summer’s the time many airlines also offer companion fares; so traveling with your family can actually be an advantage!

After you get to the destination, you will likely find that accommodation and travel within the country is quite inexpensive when compared to the U.S. You will be able to get clean, functional rooms for less than $10 a day in many places. Since you’re traveling with children, remember that it’s all about the experience, and they may not mind a few inconveniences such as a shared shower, for example.

Travel tip: Plastic is the safest mode of payment and is accepted nearly everywhere, but companies often add an extra charge for purchases made outside the U.S. Ask your credit card company about the charges before leaving on the trip.

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