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  • Tuesday, August 22, 2017

  • Trip cancellation Insurance – Flight delays, cancellations and interruptions

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Vacations are those memorable periods that every family looks forward to. You may plan it perfectly well in advance and have all your accommodations and tickets booked. But you can never predict any interruptions in trips that may arise in the last moment.

With the onset of winter in the coming months, flight delays, interruption in pre-planned travel, flight cancellations would not be uncommon. In addition, this may also force you to cancel or readjust any hotel accommodations, resort stays, etc… that you may have planned in advance.

Non-refundable booking especially on a family holiday would cost you a lot in the case of long vacations during peak seasons. However, if the trip does not work out as planned due to personal emergency, illness, travel interruptions, extreme unfavourable climatic conditions, it would not only cost you disappointment but a loss of thousands of dollars. In addition, in the case of cancellation of flights, you may have to take up stand-by accommodations and arrange for other basic amenities till you get alternate arrangement for transport.

These additional costs and non-refundable deposits of a pre-planned trip would be reimbursed in case you purchase a trip cancellation insurance policy before your departure. In fact, some tourist insurance policies also offer alternate means of transport through flights or road to help you reach your destination successfully!

Comment by blog-contributor on 2009 08 25

I have never found a bargain,and usually just go ahead and get the one my travel agent offers. Commenting is not available in this section entry.

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