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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • Trip Cancellation Insurance Helps Travelers Stranded at Gatwick

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The travel plans of many passengers were altered last week when Gatwick airport was shut down for multiple days due to snow. Missing your originating flight, or missing a connecting flight because of a delay on an earlier flight, can wind up being a costly problem for you. Passengers stuck in similar situations to those at Gatwick last week will appreciate the benefits of trip cancellation insurance.

Because snow was piling up on the runway faster than crews could clear it, Gatwick had no choice but to cancel flights, leaving many business travelers and tourists stuck in the London airport. The runway was close for two consecutive days, but cancellations and delays continued on for days afterwards due to weather concerns.

The cost of missing a flight can be quite high. You may lose out on your initial ticket investment, and you may have to buy a new one for a new flight. If you cannot make it to a hotel you booked, or to events that you bought tickets for, your investment in those items will be lost as well. And of course there are opportunity costs as well; for instance, if you are traveling for business and miss a meeting, there may not be a quantifiable loss but there is most definitely a loss.

Trip cancellation insurance offers you protection in these situations. This way, when circumstances beyond your control arise, a small initial investment will allow you to recoup your total investment. Additionally, the policies are quite flexible in that they can also be tailored to cover cancellations initiated by you. So if it is suddenly not the right time to go on a previously-booked trip, you can cancel it without losing your money. this even applies to many nonrefundable flights. As passengers stuck in Gatwick can attest, you never know when a delay may occur, and while you cannot avoid them you can still take the step of protecting your financial interests.

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