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  • Monday, September 25, 2017

  • TRIP Insurance That Makes Travel Stress-Free

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There are a hundred things that can go wrong when you are on an international visit, and sometimes they do go wrong. Though it is not possible to insure against these incidents happening, their financial impact can be guarded against by purchasing adequate international travel insurance.

Eve, an apprehensive traveler, had organized her trip carefully for a holiday to Egypt. Needless to say, that included travel insurance. But on the day of her flight, the fog delayed the flight and then the airlines company had to finally cancel the flight. She had to fly again after a few days and when she arrived in Cairo, found that the luggage she had checked in was lost.

In Egypt, she had a minor medical emergency when she fell down from a camel and had to be hospitalized for a day for observation as she had an injury to her head.

On the last day of her trip, when she and her husband were going to the airport, her purse that contained her passport and tickets was snatched by a thief and they had to wait for another two days before they could make arrangements to fly back. However, she hardly felt the pain financially; as all the above were covered under the Patriot TRIP® plan that she had bought as part of her travel plans.

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